Connecting the Supply Chain through Technology 

The Future of the Garment Industry

With LTLabs, we combine our system with modern day technology to streamline your supply chain and bring forth transparency, drive efficiency, and maximize productivity for your apparel business.

Connect Suite

LTLabs has developed a sophisticated system by utilizing our expertise in manufacturing combined with innovative digital capabilities to allow your business to capture all the essential data points. We believe a data-driven organization will be able to make smarter business decisions through our Connect Suite System.


Tools focused on managing production to deliver high quality products in the shortest lead time and at the lowest cost.


From product development to raw materials, to finished goods; quickly identify inventory levels, location of goods, and development plans.


Real-time insights & reports for effective management, decision making, and customer KPI awareness.
End to End System
With a comprehensive approach, our system facilitates workflow from development to finished goods. Allowing you to access your data all in one centralized interface.
Effective Decision Making
Essential data points are accurately captured and analyzed to provide you with real-time insights to drive intelligent business decisions.
Transform Your Business
Leverage on our 20+ years of software development expertise and first-hand manufacturing experience to transform your factory into a digitalized organisation.


Bring your teams together with our LTLabs quality, mechanic, and ie systems to maximize the efficiency and product standards on your production floor.
Quality data from fabric inspection to end-line QC are captured and analyzed instantly, allowing decision makers to quickly identify areas of improvement to ensure high quality products.


Maximize your factory's productivity and resources by reducing your material consumption and accurately locating your WIP or finished goods at all times through our warehouse, production, cutting, and development systems.
Upstream visibility from T1-T3 delivery schedules, location of raw materials, and analyzing supplier performance.


Run your business efficiently through capturing production floor data points and analyzing it through our management, performance, compliance, and brand systems to provide you with the crucial knowledge in order to manage your operations. 
Give your management real time insights on all activities in the factory to make effective business decisions.

Who We Are

Our Vision

We want to connect your enterprise to everything up and downstream in all directions to and from your operation within the value chain. We want to build a platform that enables partners to develop their own solutions using our tools for those times when an off the shelf product just doesn’t cut it. We want real time access to any data with visual and interactive reporting for everyone whether it is the customers, the factory, or the suppliers.

Our Story

We are a company founded by passionate people who come from the apparel manufacturing industry. With over 30 years of apparel manufacturing experience, we understand the day to day challenges every factory faces, and this is what sets us apart from other companies selling software solutions.

What makes LTLabs Unique?

Our experience in manufacturing, with different brands, different product types, in different countries, surrounded by different cultures, gives us a broad perspective that no other company in this space has. We are not just another company of computer geeks selling software, we are a complete solutions provider that collaborates closely with our partners to bring true data innovation to the industry.

Low Capital Investment

We understand the competitive landscape of manufacturing, therefore we leverage on existing technologies and equipment to work with our platform.

Holistic & Flexible

Our products can be used as a stand-alone system, or as a complete package depending on your specific needs.

Design Thinking

With over 20 affiliate factories within our group, we leverage valuable feedback directly from industry professionals to design solutions that solve the same challenges your factory faces.

Real-Time Insights

Information is the key to making effective business decisions and our commitment is to provide you with accessibility to your own real-time data at all times.


All updated features and enhancements are made available for you directly from our cloud with a simple click.

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